Burgundy Matt Texture Planters Set of 2


Get some greeney in your indoor space. They are indoor planters and can be used in any space needing some greenery. You can add artifical plants, put in some faux flower sticks, or add plants. The pots of the actual plants will go inside the metal pots provided by us.


These beautiful planters come in a Set of two and they add a pop of colour;
Colour, The Pots are treated with a textured Wine/Burgundy colour power and chemically treated with different processes to achive the look. The Legs/ Stands are gold in colour and give a plated look and feel.
A normal pot fits in these metal pots, some people style them with the artificial bunch of flowers or artificial plants as well. You can put real indoor plants in them as well. Made by Decor Remedy.

Additional information


Height for the smaller one 2.4 feet is the height for the smaller one. Diameter of the big pot 1 foot approx. Exactly 30 cms Diameter of the small pot 1 foot approx. Exactly 28 cms, Height of the bigger one 2.7 feet is the height for the bigger one (without the plants)

Shipping & Return Policy

Products dispatched within 7-10 days. Returns accepted within two days incase of damaged goods.


Clean with a soft dry cloth, try to keep the planter away from water for longitivtiy